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The Reason Why Hyerin Got a Short Haircut?

The Reason Why Hyerin Got a Short Haircut?


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Hyerin got her haircut and the reason why she did it is other member's recommendation.

During the mini fan meeting, EXID was asked who took mistakes on choreography the most. Even before other members answer this question, Hyerin told the truth she is the said person. however, Junghwa said that there is no person who is bad at learning choreography this time. The other question from fans is to Hyerin again. Fans asked the reason why Hyerin cut her hair very shortly. Regarding this question, LE said, "the agency staff, the hair designers and especially we highly recommended it." Hyerin added, "Therefore, I said like okay, okay I will" 

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Source: [Youtube] EXID Leggo soljigi

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