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This Rendition of BTS` [Spring Day] By [Produce 101 Season 2] Contestants is Beyond Awesome



Contestants of 'Produce 101 Season 2' have brought BTS' 'Spring Day' to another level!

As many of you have know, the contestants are currently competing in position challenges, which consists of three different categories: rap, dance, and vocal. One vocal category's team presented a rendition of BTS' 'Spring Day,' and it sounded amazing!

The team consisted of Bae Jinyoung, Yu Seonho, Lee Woojin, Takada Kenta, and Kim Yongjin. The five contestants rearranged the song into something slower at the beginning, before it burst into a powerful stage. How do you like their rendition of BTS' 'Spring Day,' ladies and gentlemen?

Watch it above!

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Source: [Youtube] oppaddicts

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