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A Very Special `Guest` Made EXO Members and EXOLs Go Wild at [The EXO`rDIUM]



Hope to see 'her' more in the future!

During one of the talk segment at 'The EXO'rDIUM', Baekhyun mentioned about the 'girl' that appeared in EXO CBX's 'The One' music video, saying, "A girl appeared" and EXOLs just went wild immediately, knowing who exactly was he referring to. He further asked, "Who could that be?" Suho then said, "It was shocking," and asked, "How was the girl dress up?" to which EXOLs strongly replied, "PRETTY!" 

Immediately, Baekhyun treated his fans with a reenactment of the very scene going, "Then... Shall we go and dance?" Xiumin though it wasn't enough and asked Baekhyun, "Do it exactly the same once, the exact turning." Despite being shy about doing it again by saying, "This was the power of makeup," he still spontaneously did the turning wave of the very scene in the music video and EXOLs just lost it once again. 

Watch 'Baekhee' reenact her appearance in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] 열이랑큥이랑


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