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Agency Clears up Hyungeun`s Controversy with BTS` Taehyung + Confirms Departure from BULLDOK

Agency Clears up Hyungeun`s Controversy with BTS` Taehyung + Confirms Departure from BULLDOK


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BULLDOK's agency has made an official statement about member Hyungeun.

On May 18th, BULLDOK's agency, KCONIC, announced that Hyungeun has officially left the group. The full announcement is translated below.  

"Hello, this is KCONIC (Entertainment). We would like to announce that our artist, BULLDOK, is officially a four-member group now. BULLDOK's member Hyungeun left the group on April 20th to pursue her own career. Due to health issue, we have stopped all Hyungeun's promotion activities since March.

The remaining members have prioritized Hyungeun's health and anticipated her recovery before. However, we have been notified that it would take a long time for her to recover. Therefore, after a long discussion with Hyungeun, we have accepted her request to leave the group and she officially left BULLDOK's on April 20th.

Although it is idifficult for Hyungeun to leave the group, we ask fans' warm response to Hyungeun for her own career, as well as to the remaining four BULLDOK members (Kimi, Sora, Genie, and Say). We would like to apologize for the late announcement. Thank you."

The label further apologized for Hyungeun's comments about BTS member Taehyung and the surrounding controversy, stating,

"After Hyungeun's withdrawal was confirmed this past April, an issue the agency was not aware of arose. Though it occurred after her withdrawal, we sincerely apologize to the BTS fans and other associated people who were hurt by our previous label mate Hyungeun's careless words."

Previously, Hyungeun has been in a controversy involving BTS' Taehyung - for her comments towards the idol, saying that she has lost interests towards Taehyung and that Taehyung has athlete's foot. 

Meanwhile, you can watch the video which cause the controversy above and read more about the controversy here

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