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Actor Park Seojoon Opens up about the Poor Results of His Past Drama [Hwarang]



Park Seojoon shares his honest thoughts on poor results of KBS's 'Hwarang.' 

Although the drama was highly anticipated before it started airing, it turned out the drama failed to meet people's expectations. 'Hwarang' had a low viewership ratings until the end. It also had negative reviews from Netizens.

On May 18th, Park Seojoon shared his thoughts during the press conference of his upcoming KBS drama 'Fight My Way.' He said, "As an actor, I believe you lose the standard once you start weighing what is more important. I've always given my best in all productions." He added, "I also carry the responsibility of the results, but it can't come out the way I expect it to. Of course, it would be nice if a production does well, but I think how much fun we have, how happy the set is, as well as finishing everything up without any problems is most important."

It seems Park Seojoon can accept ups and downs in his career, right?

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Source: [Youtube] Doremi


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