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Kim Yoojung is in Talks to Join the Cast of Upcoming Drama [School 2017]



Kim Yoo Jung is considering an offer to join KBS' upcoming drama 'School 2017.' 

According to an exclusive report, Kim Yoojung is reportedly to be the female lead of the drama. However, Kim Yoojung's agency, SidusHQ, has denied it and announced, "Kim Yoojung is not confirmed to be joining School 2017. She is currently reviewing the offer."

The famous 'School' sequel first began in 1999, with the title 'School 1.' Since then, several installments have been produced and the latest hit sequels were 'School 2013,' and 'Who Are You: School 2015.' All 'School' dramas told a story of youth, with school as the main set. 'School 2017' is scheduled to start airing in July during the summer vacation, in hopes that students will have time to watch the drama.

Stay tuned for more info!

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Source: [Youtube] 1EUNYEON 


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