The First Hallyu Crypto Currency by

(8MM+ followers)! Crowdfunding for K-Pop Concerts

and Fandom Community with BlockChain KStarCoin


Global Hallyu Community and Crowdfunding Platform

Pre-Sale is Live

What is KStarCoin?
  • KStarCoin is an ERC20 Ethereum based token, which will be integrated in the KStarLive platform. We believe that Ethereum's smart contract technology will allow us to disrupt, innovate and build upon an existing user base of 8MM followers and build contracts amongst the different parties and combat against issues like ticket scalping, fake celebrities and new ways to purchase Korean made products.
  • KStarCoin is able to activate P2P-type transactions between individuals even before registration, and is optimized to implement smart contracts that require high reliability and transparency such as crowdfunding campaigns and payments.
  • Therefore, KStarCoin will be used for various Hallyu-related contents business such as "Community activity rewards", "K-Pop performance crowdfunding", "K-Star performance ticket sales" and "K-Star goods sales" through our own platform.
Why KStarCoinomy?
  • · Presently Existing Problem
  • [Concert/Events ]
  • - Global fans don't have opportunities to attend concerts and events like domestic fans
  • - Ticket scalping issue : Performers, fans, and the organizers of the performances all affected

  • [E-Commerce]
  • - Lack of media to introduce products
  • - Different payment methods for each country

  • [Communication with KStar]
  • - Difficult for global fans to communicate and meet KStars
  • - Global fans lack a way to send gifts or letters to there favorite KStars like domestic fans
  • · KStarCoinomy Solution
KStarCoin  Crowdfunding Structure
  • ※ Starting with K-Stars for concert and event crowdfunding to expand to global stars(singers, actors, sports stars, etc.).

 Crowd Funding and Ticket Sales_img
KStarCoin Pre-Sale Price

1 KStarCoin = 0.5 USD (ETH Value) + Bonus

※ 1 KStarCoin is equal to 0.5 USD-worth of ETH. Therefore, amount of KSC you will receive from 1ETH changes periodically, following the market price of Ethereum.

KStarCoin Pre-Sale Bonus

· KStarCoin Pre-Sale Bonus: 25%

What is KStarCoin's Benefits?
  • · Crowdfunding with KStarCoin
  • - Funding Participants: Participants will be eligible to share in concerts and events profit, which will be paid via KStarCoin. For VIP funding participants who support their favorite stars and reach a certain VIP funding threshold, KStarLive will be providing VIP tickets and also opportunities to chat with the stars directly.
  • - Ticket Buyer: Events/promotions will be held via KStarLive and tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate when bought with KStarCoin. Also special VIP tickets and limited edition goods will only be available for purchase with KStarCoin.
  • - Ecosystem: Decentralized ticketing issuance and tracking in partnership with entertainment companies and event agencies will enable the ability to block ticket scalpers, who typically purchase large number of tickets and re-sell them at 2 to 3 times the price on numerous different sites.

  • · Commerce with KStarCoin
  • - Customers: Customers who purchase with KStarCoin can receive discounts and bonus items.
  • - Product Suppliers: Depending on the amount of KStarCoin the Suppliers has the greater the discount. Payments for advertising fees, etc. can also be paid with KStarCoin.
  • - Loyalty Points: Every purchase made with KStarCoin, we will be providing membership points which can be converted into KStarCoins.
  • - Ecosystem: We will be working to partner up with numerous remittance and payment partners and will also have an internal currency exchange system, which will allow many of our fans in South East Asian countries who have had a hard time with the lack of payment channels in their homeland.

  • · Long Term Holders of KStarCoin
  • - For supporters and holders of KStarCoin, dependent on the number of coins you are holding at certain blocks, there will be Airdrop bonus KStarCoins on an annual basis. We are also currently in discussions with various blockchain content and product partners and will be Airdrop partners coins as well.
  • - For supporters who continue to hold coins across a range of blocks (to be determined in the future), we will continue to provide benefits and bonuses (both tokens and products).

  • · Reward for KStarCoin Users in the Community
  • - KStarCoin will be rewarded to fans who are active at the community in the platform. By this, fandoms will be more active and will be rapidly growing.
  • - Hallyu stars will have various benefits once receiving KStarCoin from fans. Stars will be able to exchange things with fans in our platform.

  • · Safe Deposit of Coin
  • - KStarCoin will be taking detailed procedures and protocols to ensure the safety of our users coins, which will include safe deposit of coins on hard wallets. Please contact if you would like further details on these protocols.

  • · Lock-Up for Founders, Team, Advisors & Partners
  • - Founders, Team Members, Advisors & Partners will be restricted from making any KStarCoin transactions for 6 months, after listing on its first exchange. Our belief, support and commitment to maintain stable coin market value is our number one priority.
KStarCoin ICO Notice
  • - The minimum participation amount for KStarCoin ICO is 0.1 ETH.
  • - Don't send the Ethereum to participate in the KStarCoin ICO from the accounts of exchanges! You don't have access to your private keys on accounts of crypto-exchanges, so you won't have access to KStarCoin!
  • - For complete verification after sending your ETH, send your full address to our address. After sending, you can use your transaction hx which will be provided via your MEW/Wallet and then use to ensure that your ETH was correctly received from the FROM: (your address) and TO: (KStarLive address) addresses.
  • - KStarCoin ICO will adhere to the laws and regulations of countries. Certain countries have set limitations for nationals participation in ICOs.
  • - The only official website of KStarCoin is
    ( Be careful of fake sites.
  • - We do not send a message out first. If you receive a suspicious email or message, please contact us via chat or email at
What is

  • is a worldwide news and video curating service that provides K-Star, K-Pop and K-Drama news to Facebook users worldwide.
    We select a number of Hallyu-related video contents produced by various media and fans around the world, and we provide the content of the selected videos in English.
    Established on May 2016, we have reached 8million followers by October 2017, and is the number one global Korean entertainment news page on Facebook.
Facebook Insights Data

< Facebook Insights Data 5/25/2016 – 10/24/2017 >

  • The main content of is composed of things that fans can sympathize with and are interested in, such as "idols performing in the rain at the Korean university festivals," "behind-the-scenes footage of popular dramas," and breaking news stories like love scandals.
  • The use of the name K-Star extends the K-Star brand, which is well-known as K-Pop, K-Drama, and K-Beauty, to the comprehensive meaning of K-Star to easily define various cultures and products it is for. Site Facebook

< Site & Facebook Page and Content >

  • is currently collaborating with major broadcasting and media companies in Korea to produce performance plans and video contents to convey the diverse culture and contents of K-entertainment to global fans.
Busan One Asia Festival

< "Busan One Asia Festival" Promoted by Busan City and SBS >

< "Busan One Asia Festival" K-Star ASTRO's Video >

  • Currently there are 30~50 contents uploaded daily and around 1,200 monthly to's Facebook page. Despite link based content getting lower reach and engagement on Facebook our link based content still receives 100,000~250,000 engagements(likes, comments, shares) daily.
Facdbook insight

< Facebook Insights Results 11.14.2017 –11.20.2017 > User Profile
Facebook K-Star(K-Pop) potential Reach

Facebook K-Star Potential Reach 297,000,000
(Excluding China)

  • · Features of Users
  • - Loves Korean stars and culture.
  • - Is mobile-oriented.
  • - Is women-centered and sensitive to trends.

  • · Growth Index of Users
  • - As of October 2017 has the highest amount of Facebook followers for any Hallyu media page. (8MM Followers)
  • - Forecasted to grow to up to 10 million followers by 1Q 2018 and up to 50 million followers by 2021. Facebook page growth forecast

< Facebook Page Growth Forecast >

  • · Number of Followers by Continent and User Access Environment Ratio
Number of followers
users access environment
  • · Gender and Age Ratio
Gender Ratio
Age Ratio

  • · Key Indicators for Facebook Page
    (May 26, 2016 - August 22, 2017)
  • - Post View: 1,447,230,786
  • - Post Reach: 440,791,996
  • - Post Engagement: 43,681,707 Facebook page growth forecast

< Key Indicators for Facebook Page >

Hallyu Market Summary

"Hallyu Has Started a Global Leap Beyond Korea."

< "American Music Awards" BTS Performance >

  • · K-Pop Market
  • Korea's K-Pop market is saturated, and the number of potential entertainers reaches 1 million, and the number of registered entertainment companies is over 2100.
    On average 10-15 new idols' debut every month, so it is very difficult to succeed within just Korea.
    As a result, entertainment in Korea is steadily seeking to enter the overseas markets, especially China, Southeast Asia, and South America.
    Due to diplomatic problems between South Korea and China, the expectations for the Southeast Asia and South American markets are higher and we are making efforts to advance into these markets.
    Despite the fact that most entertainment companies and newcomers are seeking to enter overseas markets, it is not easy for them due to lack of funds and global marketing channels.

  • · K-Drama & Movie
  • Broadcasting and film production companies have export targets for video content and production technologies, and are actively involved in other businesses such as concerts, beauty, and fashion linked to visual content.
    In particular, Korean dramas are enjoying the popularity of K-Pop, and their subsidiary business is actively pursuing globalization.
    Although there are many video contents being produced and seeking to enter the overseas market, they are having difficulty in finding a country or global partner that can go beyond simply exporting video content and linking them with a subsidiary business.

  • · K-Beauty and Fashion Market
  • Korea's cosmetics and beauty market has overcome domestic market saturation through entry into the Chinese market, but recently it has entered a period of stagnation due to diplomatic issues with China. As a result, many beauty and fashion companies in the global market are actively seeking new markets in Southeast Asia and North America.
    The biggest barriers to entry into the Southeast Asian market are that there are different payment systems in each country, no systematic logistics system, and no commerce site to integrate the entire Southeast Asian market.
    Recently, several Southeast Asian sites, such as LAZADA and Q10 are active, but they are also encountering various problems such as settlement issues and logistics costs. Until now, no one has been able to satisfy the desire of producers and consumers for an integrated commerce site that can directly sell Korean beauty and fashion products overseas.

KStarCoin ICO Business Model
  • · K-Pop Domestic and Overseas Crowdfunding and Ticket Sales
  • Establish a system for crowdfunding domestic and overseas K-pop performances with KStarCoin, and secure performances and profits by working with government agencies such as the Korea Tourism Organization, and domestic and overseas broadcasting companies.
  • KStarCoin estimates transaction amounts and ticket sales would be $500,000 to $2M per performance, and KStarCoin transactions of $20M to $50M or more can be achieved with 10 to 50 concerts per year. Facebook page growth forecast

< Example of KStarCoin Transactions Based on the Number of Performances >

  • · K-Beauty Commerce Sales and Marketing
  • Introduce Korean beauty and fashion products to KStarLive's followers and build a transaction system with KStarCoin to be able to purchase from's own commerce site and affiliated commerce sites.
  • "To purchase Korean beauty and fashion products all you need is KStarCoin" is the culture we will develop. KStarCoin will become the main currency for international purchases of any Korean beauty and fashion products.
  • KStarLive to establish an influencer network based on Facebook for marketing, and compensates Influencers with KStarCoin.
KStarCoin Commerce Structure

< KStarCoin Commerce Structure >

  • · KStarLive's Broadcast Donation and Gift Crowdfunding
  • Real-time communication with K-Stars and global fans through Facebook, YouTube, etc., and construct a system to pay for live broadcast similar to (YouTube Super Chat, AfreecaTV Star Balloon concept) with KStarCoin.
  • Fans around the world would now have the ability to send gifts to their favorite K-stars such as goodies, birthday greeting or congratulatory messages on a subway or bus billboards, etc. through a crowd funding system using KStarCoin. Facebook page growth forecast

< Birthday Greeting Bus & Subway Billboards >

  • · Summary of KStarLive BM & Blockchain Integration
  • KStarCoin will be used as a reward in the fan community, in order to stimulate the community to become more active.
    For each of KStarLive's business model, there are huge needs for blockchain & decentralization technology for increasing transparency and reaching K-Stars & consumers.
KStarCoin Community Structure

< KStarCoin Community Structure > Road Map
  • 05.2016  · · · ·  
  • Launch
  • 04.2017  · · · ·  
  • Reaches 5M Followers on Facebook
  • 08.2017  · · · ·  
  • Reaches 7.5M Followers on Facebook and Breaks through as the Top Hallyu Related Page on Facebook
  • 09.2017  · · · ·  
  • 2017 Korea Music Festival Collaboration (With Fandom School)
  • 10.2017  · · · ·  
  • 2017 Busan One Asia Festival Collaboration (With SBS Media net)
  • 11.2017  · · · ·  
  • Start of KStarCoin Early Pre-Sale
  • 1Q.2018  · · · ·  
  • Development of KStarCoin K-Pop Community and Concert Crowdfunding Platform
    Start of KStarCoin Pre-Sale
  • 2Q.2018  · · · ·  
  • Partnering up with K-Beauty Product Supplier
    Start of KStarCoin Crowdsale
    Reaching 10MM Followers on Facebook
  • 3Q.2018  · · · ·  
  • KStarCoin Crowdfunding Platform Beta Launch
    Launch KStarCoin Crowdfunding Platform and Start K-Pop Concert Funding Campaign
    Start of KStarCoin Exchange
  • 4Q.2018  · · · ·  
  • Initiate Various Crowdfunding Campaigns for K-Star Goods Production and Idol Music Production Support, etc.
    Start of Facebook and Other SNS Live Broadcast by K-Star
    Ticket sales for K-Pop Concert's 1st K-pop Concert through Crowdfunding
    Reaching 20MM Followers on Facebook
  • 1Q.2019  · · · ·  
  • Partnering with SBS, MBC, and Other Stations for New Idol Survival Programs
    1st K-Pop Music Awards
  • 2Q.2019  · · · ·  
  • Holding a K-Pop Concert for Global Fans, Partnering up with Broadcasting Channel(s)
KStarCoin  Growth Point
  • -'s user and sales growth will contribute significantly to the value of KStarCoin. Though it is extremely difficult to forecast value of a coin, plans to continue to operate via internal metrics & index that will be shared with the community as the business continues to grow.
  • - Concerts and goods from crowdfunding by will be featured to their own followers and K-Pop fandoms, so KStarCoin will be actively traded by's followers and K-Pop fans.
  • - Tickets for a number of K-Pop concerts, including the Busan One Asia Festival and the Korea Music Festival, which were held on September 2017 and October 2017, were sold out within 10 minutes and scalped tickets were being resold at 2-3 times the original price. If KStarCoin is used for ticket sales it will increase activity and provide users a more convenient experience and safer transaction.

< "Busan One Asia Festival" LineUp >

Article of KMF and BOF concerts

< Article of KMF and BOF Concerts in Collaboration with Tickets Sold Out >

  • - KStarCoin is projected to increases annually along with's growth through K-Pop concerts crowdfunding, ticket sales, and etc. Facebook page growth forecast

< Based on Facebook Analytics >

KStarCoin Distribution Plan
  • · KStarCoin Distribution
  • - Crowdsale and Ecosystem: 70%
  • - Team: 10%
  • - Reserve: 15%
  • - Advisors & Partners: 5%
KStarCoin distribution
  • · Total KStarCoin for Sale
  • - Soft Cap: 9,000,000 KStarCoin
  • - Hard Cap: 45,000,000 KStarCoin
  • ※Total KStarCoin : 100,000,000

  • · Fund Distribution Plan
  • - KStarCoin Crowdfunding (Performance / Korean star souvenir etc.) Platform Development: 20%
  • - Concerts Planning and Preparations: 30%
  • - Followers Increase Performance PR Marketing: 20%
  • - Commerce Advances: 10%
  • - Operating Expenses: 10%
  • - Advisors & Partners: 10%
KStarCoin distribution Team Introduction
Lee Hee-Yong

Lee Hee-Yong

    (Present) KStarLive Inc. - CEO

    (Past) Medical Big Data Project Leader
    - Pioneered Medical Big Data Project in collaboration with Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service (HIRA).

    (Past) MEDIVentures Inc. - CEO
    - Medical marketing application platform(over 1M downloads)

    (Past) GROUPON Korea Strategic Marketing Manager
    - Corporate Affiliate Marketing

Jeong Ji-Eun

Jeong Ji-Eun

    (Present) KStarLive Inc. - CFO

    (Past) Bokwang Group Amicus Division - Strategy and Planning Manager

    - Lead Foreign investment for Silicon valley big data company.

    - Mergers and Acquisitions (2 Manufacturing companies, 1 Logistics company, 2 retail companies)

    - Group tax investigation correspondence.

Kim Tae-Hyoung

Kim Tae-Hyoung

    (Present) KStarLive Inc. - CTO
    - Blockchain, Tracking System and Web Service Development

    (Present) 34 Days Inc. - CEO
    - Hangeul Marketing, Operations Director of URL "니다.com"

    (Past) ODDM - CTO and CSO
    - South Korea's No.1 Influencer Marketing Platform

    (Past) Mobile Utility - CEO
    - IOS Application Development

Eric Lee

Eric Lee

    (Present) KStarLive Inc. - COO

    (Past) Oppenheimer Asset Management, NY - Associate Director
    - Advised and assisted financial advisors in the creation of tailored portfolios for clients that range from $50,000 to $50,000,000
    - Developed and maintained a firm level fee analysis spreadsheet for 1500 financial advisors and 80 branches associated with Oppenheimer Asset Management with the President of Asset Management
    - Created a new revenue schedule by modeling and projecting revenue for the fee based asset management business in anticipation of the fiduciary law by the Department of Labor

    (Past) Deloitte Consulting B.S. Finance - NYU, Stern School of Business

Kang Su-Ah

Kang Su-Ah

    (Present) KStarLive Inc. - CSO
    - Server Security, Development of server and application, blockchain development

    (Present) NSION Inc. - CEO
    - Development of applications such as DonToK and iSuite, Advertising platform for games.

    (Past) NEXON - Developer
    - Game development.

Kim Meong-Il

Kim Myoung-Il

    (Present) KStarLive Inc. - Head of Development
    - Web, Application Service and Server Development

    (Present) 34 Days Inc. - CTO
    - Web, Application Service and Server Development

    (Past) Newsbang - CTO
    - Web, Application Service and Server Development

    (Past) Mobile Utility - CEO
    - Web, Application Service and Server Development

Cho Won-Kwon

Cho Won-Kwon

    (Present) KStarLive Inc. - Head of Web Development
    - Development Executive, Web and Mobile Web Development.

    (Past) Docfriends - Development Manager
    - Development of Doctok

    (Past) MEDIVentures Inc. - Development Manager
    - Developer of Medical marketing application platform (over 1M downloads), and MediNotes App.

    (Past) AnyPoint Media - Service Development

Robertus Willy

Robertus Willy

    (Present) KStarLive Inc. - Operations Director

    (Past) NSION Inc. - Managing Director
    - Game Advertisement Platform

    (Past) Karya Makmur Baru Ltd. - Marketing and Management Staff, Indonesia
    - Offset Printing and Packaging

Blockchain Advisors
Kim Yo-Han

John Yohan Kim

    (Present) Startup Investor & ICO Advisor

    (Present) Pantera Capital ICO Fund Limited Partner

    (Present) Venture Partner at Revolution Media

    (Past) eDaijia Inc. - Senior Vice President, International

    (Past) Kabam - Head of Kabam Korea

    (Past) Paprika Lab - Vice President
    - Marketing (Acquired by GREE 2012)

    (Past) Kennet Partners Venture Capital ($500MM AUM) & TeleSoft Partners Venture Capital ($500MM AUM)

    (Past) Citigroup - Global Technology Investment Banking Division

Investment Advisors
Lim Jong-Gi

Lim Jong-Gi

(Present) Hwaseong National Tax Examination Committee - Examiner

(Present) Hwaseong National Tax Office – CEO

(Present) Jangan University - Accounting Lecturer

(Past) Hanyoung Accounting Corporation audit team

Kim Young-Do

Kim Young-Do

(Present) Union Investment Partners - Venture Capitalist

(Past) Treasurehunter - CSO

(Past) SBI Investment Korea - Venture Capitalist

(Past) PriceWaterhouseCoopers - Consultant

Entertainment Advisors
Zakky Kim

Zakky Kim

    (Present) Hallyu Concert Tour / Fan Meeting - Director & Tour Manager

    - Hallyu Concerts: Rain World Tour, SS501 World Tour, CNBLUE, Beat Burger, Walrus, Choshinsei, and lots of other Korean singers

    - Hallyu Fan Meetings: 조인성 (Zo Insung) ,김재욱 (Kim Jaewook), 조정석 (Jo Jungsuk), 이승기 (Lee Seunggi)

    (Present) Musical/Live Concert/Music Festival - Producer, Director & Production Manager

    - Festivals: Seoul Jazz Festival, Pentaport Rock Festival, Jisan World Rock Festival

    - Musicals: Hedwig, Zorro, 미녀는 괴로워(Korea, Japan) Beauty is troubled (Korea, Japan), 광화문연가 투어, rocky horror show, bandit and etc.

    (Present) Theater and Facility Designer

    (Present) Fashion Designer

    (Present) Musician, Composer, Producer, Actor

Jeong Jin-Wook

Jeong Jin-Wook

(Present) Rodem LPI - CMO
- logistics consulting company

(Past) Yanolja Co., Ltd. - General Manager
- No.1 mobile accomodation reservation service in Korea

(Past)전자신문) - Journalist
- Top news company for Korean technology industry
- Reporter for start-ups and Internet-based companies

(Past) MBC - Main Writer
- Radio News broadcasting program: Newstouch of Kyeong-Seob Seong Concert Partners

< Korea Music Festival >

< Busan One Asia Festival >

KStarCoin ICO Contact
  • Please contact us if you have any questions.