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10 Aesthetically Pleasing K-Pop Music Videos You`ll Love to Watch Them Again and Again


|  5 Jun, 2018

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Something that never fails to attract fans to K-pop is the unique style of music videos the genre has.

A popular music video style that more and more artists are adopting is the 'aesthetic' one, which uses techniques such as lots of colors, and beautiful or unique scenery to captivate viewers. Here are 10 suggestions for K-pop music videos you must watch if you're after that perfect aesthetic!

1. BTS' 'Spring Day'

Image Source: Big Hit Entertainment

2. Wonder Girls' 'Why So Lonely'

Image Source: JYP Entertainment

3. NCT U's 'The 7th Sense'

Image Source: SM Entertainment

4. HyunA's 'Lip & Hip'

Image Source: Twitter '@MyFantasy_66'

5. NU'EST's 'Love Paint (every afternoon)'

Image Source: Twitter '@NUESTNEWS'

6. f(x)'s '4 Walls'

Image Source: SM Entertainment

7. EXID's 'Night Rather Than Day'

Image Source: Twitter '@EXIDofficial'

8. VIXX's 'Shangri-La'

Image Source: Jellyfish Entertainment


Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment


Image Source: Youtube 'BIGBANG'

What K-pop music video most relates to your aesthetic?

Source: [Youtube] ibighit, jypentertainment, SMTOWN, 1theK (원더케이), EXID_OFFICIAL, RealVIXX, BIGBANG

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