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12 Male Idols Who Blow Minds with Their Crop Top Fashion


| 26 Jan

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These male idols look just perfect in a crop top. 


Even though crop top used to be worn by women, nowadays the fashion item seems to be available for everyone. These idols are the living proofs who have rocked the crop top, just as good as (or better) than women. No need to explain anymore, check out who they are below!   


Kang Daniel  

Image Source: 4SEASONS

GOT7's Bambam

Image Source: Pink Boy

MONSTA X's Wonho

Image Source: Trust in U

EXO's Kai

Image Source: MR. DESTINY

SHINee's Taemin 

Image Source: Pudding

A.C.E's Jun and Donghun

Image Source: 글로벌경재신문 

Image Source: @S2_971231

BTS' Jin 

Image Source: The Qoo

WINNER's Seungyoon 

Image Source: The Qoo

iKON's Bobby

Image Source: The Qoo

The Boyz's Hwall

Image Source: PINK SPARKLE 

JYJ's Jaejoong

Image Source: www.kapook.com  


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