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6 Female Leader-Maknae Pairs We Love to the Moon and Back


| 14 Jul, 2018

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These female leaders and their maknaes have cute, close relationships!

Leaders and maknaes typically have extremely cute relationships, considering the maknae is often taken care of by the members, but especially the leader who takes care of everyone. These female pairs are no exception! Check out the list below to see some of our favorites!

f(x)'s Victoria and Krystal

Image Source: all for f(x)

These two are so close that even Krystal's real sister, Jessica Jung, is jealous of their relationship! Once for a magazine interview, Krystal said that besides her family, Victoria is the person she wants to protect most in the world and that Krystal wants to always be there to comfort Victoria when she is sad. This prompted Jessica to ask if Victoria is Krystal's real sister now!

TWICE's Jihyo and Tzuyu

Image Source: TENDER Eyes

Jihyo is the one who takes care of Tzuyu the most, which isn't surprising since she is the leader. However, they are also adored for their funny love-hate relationship, with Tzuyu's maknae on top sass paired with Jihyo's motherly affection, the two make a precious pair!

Red Velvet's Irene and Yeri

Image Source: Mnet

Irene and Yeri represent another pair that makes parents think of a mom and her daughter. Irene would take care of Yeri well before she went to school, such as waking her up, making her breakfast, and ironing her uniform. However, fans also say that Yeri also makes Irene act more silly and childish when they're together, making the pair enjoyable to watch!

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and Seohyun

Image Source: Instagram '@seojuhyun_s'

Although Seohyun has left SM and is focusing more on her solo activities, fans know that the two are still close as they continue to support each other's work, such as attending each other's concerts or advertising for each other's solo activities. The two along with Tiffany also had a subunit TaeTiSeo, and fans love this unit considering the three members are super close outside of the group!

GFRIEND's Sowon and Umji

Image Source: Mnet

This mother and baby pair is so cute, as they both love to shower each other with love. Sowon often refers to Umji as her baby, and they both tend to compliment each other when they're together. Sowon also said she would pick Umji to date if she were a guy and even joked with a fan who 'proposed' to Umji and told the fan that she and Umji were already married. 

CLC's Seungyeon and Eunbin

Image Source: Fruit Blossom

Although Eunbin joined the group later, that hasn't hindered her relationship with the other members. In fact, it seems to make their friendship stronger, especially with leader Seungyeon! The two are roommates and are often seen together. Seungyeon still has a little bit to learn when it comes to keeping up with her fellow members, but Seungyeon is always there cheering her on and complimenting her improvements!

Thumbnail Credit: marie claire, news1

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