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7 Male Idols Who Own Businesses You Must Visit If You Travel to Korea


|  7 Jun, 2018

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Planning a trip to Korea soon? Put these places on your list of where to visit!

Did you know that some of your favorite idols are also great restaurant owners? If you want to feel closer to your favorite idol, or maybe even have a chance to meet them, you should definitely check out these restaurants and cafes that they own!

BIGBANG GDragon's Aewol Monstant

Image Source: Jeju Tourism Organization 

You can't miss the beautiful Jeju island during your visit to Korea. So, while you're there, stop by G-Dragon's equally beautiful cafe!

EXO Kai's Kamong

Image Source: DIKIMCHEE15

Kai owns a cafe that he has been spotted at many times before. If you need a pick-me-up, or maybe you just want the chance to possibly run into Kai, then visit his location in Seocho-dong. 

EXO Chanyeol's Viva Polo

Image Source: Facebook 'VivaPolo'

Chanyeol owns a franchise of the Italian chain Viva Polo. If you're wanting to eat delicious food and stare at pictures of Chanyeol, this is the place to go. You can find it in Myeongil-dong.

Super Junior Siwon's Twosome Coffee

Image Source: Twitter '@siwonchoi'

Don't be surprised to see Siwon's pictures littered around his coffee shop! It's located in Myeong-dong.

Super Junior Donghae's Grill5taco

Image Source: @katalinarosario

Dongwoo's If you get a craving for tacos while you're in Korea, head on over to Donghae's restaurant Grill5taco! You can find it in Cheongdam-dong.

INFINITE Sungyeol's BBQ Chicken

Image Source: gyuhawa 

Chicken is a must-try in Korea. Therefore, why not have it at Sungyeol's restaurant? It is located near Hapjeong station.

INFINITE Dongwoo's Inchang Octopus

Image Source: hellosihui.com 

Dongwoo's restaurant is covered in his and his group's pictures! You can find it in Inchang-dong.

Thumbnail Credit: Facebook 'VivaPolo,' bigbangmusic.info, notyouroppasandnoonas.wordpress.com

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