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Famous Choreographer Bae Yoonjung Picked Idols with Outstanding Dancing Skills


| 29 Aug, 2018

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Bae Yoonjung named idols who can dance like no others.

On August 28th, Bae Yoonjung came as the guest of MBC FM4U 'Ji Sukjin 2 O'Clock Date.' Specialized in dancing, MC Ji Sukjin asked her to pick singers who dance the best among all. To the question, she answered, "Park Jinyoung and Rain. Even dancers will question how they can dance that well. They are amazing. They also have long arms and legs."

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Ji Sukjin went on and asked her to also pick idols with the best dance skills. Bae Yoonjung said, "Actually, all idol groups dance very well. BTS is amazing. For girl groups, all of them can dance well." She continued, "HyunA and Chungha are blessed with charms and I think T-ARA's Jiyeon can dance beautifully. She learns very well." 

Image Source: MBC

Bae Yoonjung explained, "Dancing and singing are different. It's true that you can learn fast if you are blessed with talents, but anyone can dance well if trains hard. There are a lot of idols who could not dance well at first."

Source: [Youtube] STAGE631

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, Big Hit Entertainment

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