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Girls` Generation`s Sunny Shares the Reason Why She Chose to Live Far From Her Company


/ 12 Nov, 2017

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Sunny's new apartment revealed. 

The Girls' Generation member's new luxurious apartment has been revealed through a broadcast where viewers are able to see how the member spends her day off indoors. 

Sunny's apartment cost approximately $2.3 million USD and is located in Seongdong District in Seoul. After living in Girls' Generation's dorm for 10 years she decided to live away from where her company and the salon and gym that she goes are located. This decision was made with her desire to separate the place she works and the place she rest. 

Image Source: Youtube 'snapfinger42' Screenshot

Watch the video above to take a look at Sunny's beautiful apartment! 

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Source: [Youtube] snapfinger42

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