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Lay Endorses MAC Cosmetic China, Becoming the Brand`s First Ever Spokesperson in the Country


/  1 Sep, 2018

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Lay X Mac, a superior combination. 

Lay is taking up another brand with his name and face on it and that is, MAC cosmetic in China. The brand created a hashtag that says 'MAC魅可中国区首位代言人张艺兴' that translates into 'Zhang Yixing, MAC's first spokesperson in China region.' 

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The hashtag also leads to a search page that fans are granted with a new pictorial image Lay did with the brand, needless to say, looking chic and smoking in his leather jacket. 

Image Source: Twitter 'layshands' 

Guess it's going to be MAC from now on for EXOLs? 

Source: [Youtube] Alan Walker

Thumbnail Credit: Balmain Paris

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