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Producers of EXO`s [Ko Ko Bop] Release Its Early Stages Demo Track for [The Eve]


| 28 Jul, 2017

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EXO's 'The Eve' demo is lit! 

The amazing team behind SM's chart slaying tracks once again wow-ed with their new works! The team of producer posted on their Instagram (marz_music), the demo track of EXO's solo track, 'The Eve' that is included in the group's latest release 'The War' album. 

MARZ music has not only produced incredible works for this album but they have also been the team behind Taeyeon's 'Fine', 'Starlight', SHINee`s '1 of 1', 'Prism', 'Feel Good', Taemin's 'Drip Drop', 'Until Today' as well as Red Velvet's 'Rookie'. More compositions from them for EXO were 'Dancing King, 'Twenty Four', 'Artificial Love', the current, 'Ko Ko Bop' and so much more. 

Check out the demo track for EXO's 'The Eve' in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] Blue

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