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SHINee`s Jonghyun Made a Song Inspired By Key?


| 26 Sep, 2017

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Jonghyun wrote a song with the inspiration he got by his fellow member, Key. 

On a recent Instagram live, a fan commented asking him to, "Please sing, 'Kibeommie again' song." Without any further ado, he sang the short song he wrote because of Key. 

The lyrics translated to be:

"Kibeomiee again, Kibeommie again, Kibeommie again 

Kibeomiee is asking to buy him gift again

Wonder what gift will he ask to be bought again this year

I m afraid of whats coming for next year

What will be a good gift to ask for next year

Even thought I pretended as if I bought it cooly, but my hands were trembling~"

After he sang it, he said, "Wow, I am such a songwriting genius. Its a song that has an episode with Kibeom(Key)'s birthday present. Those that knows Korean must be laughing hard right now." 

In addition, Key shared the birthday gift he received from his hyung on his Instagram recently and have also shared that Jonghyun bought him a ring(from Cartier) as his birthday gift.

Check out the song at the 15:34 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] ᄒᄉᄒ뀽

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