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Special Handpicked Fan Made Videos were Presented to SHINee at their 9th Years Anniversary Party


/ 25 May, 2017

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9 years and counting… 

Congratulations to SHINee on their 9th anniversary! The group debuted back in 2008 with five members and has reached their 9th year on May 25th. To commemorate the special day, SHINee held a 9th year anniversary fan meeting titled, ‘SHINee Day’ on May 21st. Prior to the fan meeting, applications for videos that will be presented at the fan meeting were held and Shawols sent in their videos for the special event. 3 out of the lot was chosen and presented during the fan meeting.

Image Source: [Instagram] bumkeyk 

The videos presented a compilation of SHINee’s activities, memorable moments and stages they had since debut and brought back numerous memories to everyone. A compilation of SHINee’s iconic debut track, 'Noona neomu yeppo (Replay)’ stages over the years definitely showed how much they have grown but still remained five hearts as one.

Image Source: [Twitter] tokki891214, bambam0525, keysyou, mindblow, MagicHand_TM 

Throughout the years, they have showcased various sides of them and have always brought new sensations to the KPOP scene. Other than group activities, each member has proven their abilities in different areas from acting to solos and even on radio. 

Image Source: [Instagram] bumkeyk 

During the times they don’t get to see each other due to their individual schedules, rather than drifting apart, it makes them appreciate the time they spend with each other more. Congratulations again to SHINee and Shawols! 

Check out the 3 special chosen fan made videos that were presented during the fan meet in the videos above!

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Source: [Youtube] Kim Gunter, Mintrium 0525, & curious20

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