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This Fanboy Shouted `I Love You` to Jungkook... The Golden Maknae`s Reaction is Priceless


/ 21 Jul, 2018

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ARMYs got to see this best fanboying moment.

One fancam caught an adorable moment of a fanboy confessing his love to BTS' Jungkook during the 'SBS Super Concert.' As you can see in the video above, when all the artists going down from the stage, one fanboy was caught expressing his feelings to Jungkook. The fanboy screamed, "Jungkook hyung! Jungkook hyung! Jungkook hyung, saranghaeyo (I love you)!"

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Image Source: Youtube 'BTS & ARMY News' Screenshot

What makes the moment even more adorable is none other than Jungkook's reaction to the confession. When he heard the fanboy's scream, Jungkook gave him two thumbs up, clapped, and waved his hands. Not only that, Jimin, who walked next to Jungkook also smiled brightly as soon as he heard the love confession. 

Check out the fancam above to know more!

Source: [Youtube] BTS & ARMY News

Thumbnail Credit: 으뜸꾸기, JKONTOP

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