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This One Fancam of BTS` Jungkook Garnered Huge Attention, Fans Said It Might Be the Next Hani`s Fancam


| 23 Oct, 2017

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The fancam has been watched by more than 11 million times by now.

Not a secret anymore that fancam is a remedy for fans who are unable to see the live performance. Thus, a lot of fancams are uploaded on Youtube, both by official and unofficial accounts. With this fact, it is hard for one particular fancam to surpass great number of views. However, BTS' golden maknae has made it all possible. 

Uploaded by M2, Jungkook's fancam has reached 10 million views since it was uploaded on Youtube. The views number even keeps increasing and, currently, it has surpassed 11 million views -- an awesome number for a fancam uploaded on Youtube.

Image Source: Youtube 'M2' Screensot

Seeing this, a lot of fans compared it with Hani's legendary fancam, which shows her performing 'Up & Down' with the other EXID members. Many says that Jungkook's fancam will be the next legendary fancam. 

Check out Jungkook's fancam above!

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Source: [Youtube] M2

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