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5 Actors Who Went From Second Leads to Main

  • 18 Jul, 2018

Our babies went through a lot!

We have all been there, we are watching a drama and as it progresses the line between who is the main and the second lead blur. Thanks to this all of us have ended plenty, if not all dramas, with a major case of the second lead syndrome. This is when you root for the second lead actor to have a happily ever after with the main actress. We have decided to pick our top actors who went from a pat on the back to a happily ever after. We understand there are A LOT more, but these are the ones people seem to forget about.

Kim Woobin

Image Source: Instagram '@actorkimwoobin'

Kim Woobin started acting in 2011, and he started being credited under his real name. He gave us major second lead syndrome in 'Heirs.' We knew he was not meant to finish with Park Shinhye in the back of our hearts, but we still wanted for them to end up together. Thankfully, he stopped being the second lead, and his now the main actor.

Park Hyungsik

Image Source: Instagram '@phs1116' 

Park Hyungsik started his acting career in 2012 as was part of the cast of 'I Remember You.' He was our second lead on 'Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.' He made it into our hearts slowly but sure, and at the end, we were waiting for him to not be cold porridge. He was able to have a happy ending in his drama 'Strong Woman Do Bongsoon.' 

Jung Haein

Image Source: Instagram '@holyhaeinph' 

When he was 26 and had finished his military enlistment is when Jung Haein started his TV acting career. In 2014 he starred in the TV series 'Bride of the Century,' the same year he did many other extra roles. 2017 was the year our hearts suffered as he was the second lead. His acting on ‘While You Were Sleeping’ touched all of our hearts. Thankfully, directors heard our weeps and made him a lead in 'Something in the Rain.' 

Choi Jinhyuk

Image Source: Amino '@Livi'

Jinhyuk has been acting since he was 20 years old after he won a KBS Survival Star Audition. He has since been in all different kinds of movies and dramas, if you turn on your TV, there's a 110% chance he will be in it. He has been an extra, a second lead, a main, back to second lead, honestly, we love how multifaceted he is. He touched our hearts as a second lead in 'Fated to Love You' and 'Ms. Panda' and 'Mr. Hedgehog.' But now he seems to be mostly playing leads, he has starred in 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'Tunnel.' He was lead of 'Devilish Joy,' we are crossing our fingers, and hope he won't get second lead again.

Kim Soohyun

Image Source: Instagram '@soohyun_k216'

Soo-Hyun has his beginnings in ‘Kimchi Cheese Smile’ as a supporting role, and has been acting ever since then. We had second lead syndrome from him in 'Dream High.' We are happy that he received the award and he became famous, but a small part of our heart wondered... And Suzy? He eventually continued growing and has since been the lead in just about any drama he has been on. The most known one is 'My Love From the Stars' and what a better companion than legend Jun Jihyun. Our hearts can finally rest at ease.

Honorable Mention: Seo Kangjoon

Image Source: '@seokj1012'

He was the perfect definition of second lead when he starred in 'Cheese in the Trap.' He was in our hearts meant to end up with 'Dog Fur.' They were perfect for each other from the moment they met. It is sad to accept that the main reason they cannot be together is that of his sister, but we are happy he is helping her with her mental health. He was the main actor in 'Are You Human?'

Thumbnail Credit: SPOTVnews, 한국일보, Instagram '@soohyun_k216'

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