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6 Actors/Actresses Who Catch Hearts with Their Unexpected Warm Vocals and Singing Skills


/ 11 Feb

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They are not only good at acting but also at singing. 

So far, we have known several singers/idols who can act well through their drama/film debut. However, we have not found many actors/actresses who can sing well. These top actors and actresses, though, definitely can make you fall in love once again with them, with their vocals. Wait no more and check out who they are below! 

1. Lee Kwangsoo

2. Kim Donghee

3. Park Bogum

4. Ryu Junyeol

5. Lee Sunbin 

6. Kim Goeun  

Source: [Youtube] SkySharing, 영화공작소, -그렇게, 너에게 Falling bogum, ryus. time, IDOL COVER, JTBC Entertainment

Thumbnail Credit: KPOPNESIA, 중앙일보, Blossom Entertainment

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