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Interior Designer of Xiumin's New House Revealed HD Pictures of the House and Revealed the Very One Place He Puts the Most Effort in, Thinking of His Members

  • 29 Mar, 2019

Xiumin made sure he has space for his members even in his new house. 

Xiumin has moved into his first-ever owned house early this year and has revealed the preparation process and more interior of the house through EXO's latest reality show 'Heart for You' that is currently showing on V Live. With the episode of Xiumin's house finally released, the interior design company that worked with Xiumin for his new house released clearer pictures of his house as a portfolio on the company's blog. 

Image Source:  네이버 블로그 '퍼스트애버뉴'

In their comment section, the blog admin was seen replying to questions and one of them mentioned about the place that Xiumin puts the most effort in when he was discussing the details with the interior designers. 


Image Source:  네이버 블로그 '퍼스트애버뉴'

The reply went, "The space where Xiumin-ssi puts the most effort in, was not the living room neither his bedroom but the guestroom that his members can rest and play when they come was where he emptied all his thoughts in haha. He is an artist with much affection for his members, to the extent that he suggested the idea of making 4 double-decker beds. He asked us to turn the 6-person use dining table to an 8-person use... You can imagine how the members would enjoyably chit-chat and laugh boisterously when you see the pictures of the guestroom."

Check out Xiumin's new house with him introducing it himself in the video below! 

You can see more pictures of the interior at their blog right here


Source: V LIVE '심포유 - my SMTelevision'

Thumbnail Credit: 네이버 블로그 '퍼스트애버뉴,' V LIVE '심포유 - my SMTelevision' Screenshot 

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