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Park Bogum Did a Live After the End of His Recent Event with His Bare Face That Left Netizens Stunned Once Again

  • 21 May, 2019

Park Bogum flashed his beautiful clear skin in a recent live. 

Park Bogum was recently in Kobe, Japan for a talk event in commemoration to the release of his Japanese music release titled 'Bloomin' on May 19th. After the end of the event, the actor greeted his fans through his Youtube live and went from speaking Japanese to Korean for his fans to understand him better. The actor was seen with his bare face, easily noticeable from his eyebrows. Still, his skin was so clear and smooth that had fans envious of his skin again. 

Image Source: Youtube 'kawaii_BOGUMMY' Screenshot 

Check out his live in the video above! 

Source: Youtube 'kawaii_BOGUMMY'

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'kawaii_BOGUMMY' Screenshot, Falling Bogum

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