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Girls' Generation's Taeyeon Left an Adorable Comment on the Official Disney Instagram Account... Looking for Her Favorite Characters

  •  2 Jun, 2019

Taeyeon missed her favorite characters in 'The Lion King.'

'The Lion King' has started releasing teasers for their upcoming live-action version of the movie that is set to drop on July 19th this year. Many teasers have been dropped on their various account but Girls' Generation's Taeyeon is only following one of them which is the main Disney account. She came across the latest teaser that 'The Lion King' dropped and saw seen liking the post. 

Image Source: Instagram 'taeyeon_ss' Screenshot 

She then left 2 comments too, one with her spelling out the intro of 'Circle of Life' which is the song played in the teaser as well as a question. She asked, "Excuse me but are Timon and Pumbaa not appearing? I am a huge fan of theirs though"

Many fans replied and told her where in the teaser can she find her two favorite characters and assured her that her favorite characters are appearing in the movie.

Source: Youtube 'Walt Disney Studios'  

Thumbnail Credit: picstaengoo, Youtube 'Walt Disney Studios' Screenshot 

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