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'Produce X101' Trainees Picked Top 11 Members with the Best Visual Among Them... Here are They

  •  3 Jun, 2019

They picked the most handsome trainees among them. 

All of the trainees competing in the program were asked to pick members with the best visual and Mnet revealed the result during the 5th episode of 'Produce X101.' Among all, these 11 trainees were picked as the ones who have the best visuals. Most of them were chosen for their fresh and youthful image, perfect for an idol. Check out who they are below! (ranked in reverse order)

11. Yuri

10. Hwang Yunseong

9. Baek Jin 

8. Lee Eunsang 

7. Song Hyeongjun 

6. Choi Byungchan 

5. Goo Jungmo

4. Cha Junho 

3. Kim Yohan 

2. Kim Wooseok

1. Kim Mingyu 

All Image Source: Mnet

Thumbnail Credit: HONEY YOUTH, curious about, likin'

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