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10 Times GOT7's Mark Graces Popular Fashion Magazines Proving That He is a True Model

  •  4 Jun, 2019

Mark definitely has a future in modeling.

Being a K-pop idol has many different tasks that come along with it. Idols have to continuously record and release music with accompanying videos. They also have to perform their hit songs on stage during tours, events, and live shows. Not to mention, idols always have to look their best for the cameras. K-pop idols have to partake in numerous photoshoots for individual and brand promotions. Nonetheless, these idols always look amazing in the photos. Some idols just have the magic touch when it comes to taking pictures. GOT7's Mark is one of the few that can effortlessly pose for a photo. 

From his fierce face to his wonderful physique, Mark truly has a look like no other. No wonder why so many of the top magazine companies want his good looks to grace their covers. Sometimes more than once! Mark is no stranger to the camera lens and posed for major magazines on numerous occasions. He just has that spark!

Check out 10 times Mark has put his best looks forward for these top magazines.

Mark X Vogue Magazine - March 2019

Image Source: VOGUE

Mark X GQ Thailand - March 2019

Image Source: GQ Thailand

Mark X 1st Look Magazine - December 2017

Image Source: 1st Look

Mark X STARBOX Magazine - April 2019

Image Source: STARBOX

Mark X Fire Bible Magazine - September 2018

Image Source: firebible

Mark X Stream Magazine - September 2018

Image Source: Stream 

Mark X IN ELE - May 2019

Image Source: IN ELE

Mark X Allure Magazine - December 2018

Image Source: Allure

Mark X Young Chic Magazine - April 2019

Image Source: Young Chic

Mark X CHIC TEEN Magazine - March 2019

Image Source: CHIC TEEN

Thumbnail Credit: Young Chic, ELE

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