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SBS Reporter Claimed YG Forced B.I to Leave, Hashtag #StopLyingYGE Trends Worldwide

  •  1 Jul, 2019

And the confusion continues. 

On June 30th, an SBS reporter shocked everyone with her statement in a radio show in Korea. While talking about YG Entertainment's ongoing controversies, she said, "I heard that B.I did not leave because he wanted to, but since Yang Hyunsuk has received criticism about him dealing the Seungri situation before, he told B.I to leave to wrap up the issue. I've heard from the member."

It turned out that the reporter is the one who exposed Seungri and Jung Joonyoung's Kakao Talk case.

Not to mention, fans are furious about this and demanded YG Entertainment to make a clarification about the reporter's claim. Domestic and international fans have taked to various social media and online communities to reach the agency. Currently, hashtag #StopLyingYGE is trending worldwide on Twitter.

What are your thoughts about this, ladies and gentlemen?

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