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International Cookie Brand 'Chips Ahoy!' has Been Caught Tweeting about Idols, Excites K-Pop Fans

  • 10 Jul, 2019

They tweet about K-pop idols, here and there. 

Seeing international celebrities taking to their Twitter account talking about K-pop idols is nothing new. However, seeing an international cookie brand tweeting about K-pop idols? That is new. Yes, international cookie brand 'Chips Ahoy!' has been caught mentioning K-pop idols on their timeline. It's just another proof that K-pop has got global recognition. 

Let's see several of the brand's tweets related to K-pop idols below!

When they tweet their admiration of BTS V's blue hair to commemorate BTS' 'Lights' MV release... 

... and when they retweeted a fan's post about ATEEZ. 

Image Source: Twitter

They also celebrated NCT Taeyong's birthday with hashtag #happytaeyongday.

Only ate their cookies when LOONA was confirmed for the '2019 KCON LA.'

Thank you for the tips, @gnuyHeaTmiK_!

Thumbnail Credit: Chips Ahoy!, Twitter '@REALV1230'

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