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IU Wears Glamorous Outfits on 'Hotel Del Luna'... Reportedly Cost over KRW 10 Million Per Episode

  •  1 Aug, 2019

It costs you a fortune to dress like IU on 'Hotel Del Luna.'

If you follow the ongoing tvN drama 'Hotel Del Luna,' you must know how fancy IU dresses to portray her character Jang Manwol. Jang Manwol is the CEO of Hotel Del Luna and she is a character who loves to live a high-end life -- with all of her sports car, luxurious meal, and expensive outfits. Yes, Jang Manwol always wears extravagant dresses, complete with her jeweled-accessories. 

For the first 6 episodes, it is reported that Jang Manwol's outfits for each episode always exceed KRW 10 million (approximately USD 8,850). 

Image Source: tvN

Not only because each item costs a lot, but IU also changes clothes quite often in the drama.

Image Source: tvN

If you want to know some of IU's fashion items from the drama, you can watch KStarLive's 'Idol Closet' video below!

Thumbnail Credit: tvN

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