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[Update] NASA MARS 2020 ROVER MISSION: BTS JIN, the first BTS member & one of first few Kpop Idol whose name was submitted to the upcoming mission as a gift from his fansite

BTS JIN is the first BTS member & KPOP Idol (known to date) whose name was submitted to be part of NASA MARS 2020 ROVER MISSION. His name was submitted on 23 May 2019 as a gift from his fansite.

Jin's real name, KIM SEOKJIN will be etched onto a microchip. The microchip is placed aboard the Mars 2020 rover, which will land on Mars. 

This update is based on BTS Jin's fansite, @JamJamJin92 tweet on 23 May 2019 at 6.19 am (KST). Many ARMYs thanked them for their thoughtful gift for Jin.

credit to @JamJamJin92

credit to @JamJamJin

Back in 10th October 2017, @JinkookPH submitted Jin and Jungkook names for NASA's. So far, this is the earliest mention of sending BTS members' names to MARS mission that was known.

credit to @JinKookPH

BTS V and Kang Daniel fans also submitted their idols names to the same mission. 

Gifting idols' names to join any space mission by NASA is not rare as what you may think. This has been done by many fans to show their unwavering love for their idols. The earliest one that I can find was back in 2015 where fandom EXO-L submitted EXO members' name for 'NASA's Insight Mission to Mars'.


You are not too late to join the upcoming NASA's MARS 2020 ROVER Mission. Send your name and your idols' names too!