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Kim Jiwon Shares How She Almost Chose Singing over Acting Career in the Past

  •  1 Feb, 2018

Kim Jiwon might have just given up her career as an actress.

On a recent interview, actress Kim Jiwon opened up about how she once dreamt to be a singer. It turned out that far before her debut as an actress, Kim Jiwon was preparing to debut as a singer. When asked whether she regrets not to debut as a singer, Kim Jiwon said, "I want to be an artist when I was a trainee. At that time, I was not confident with my acting, but I was sure that I did not have talent in singing. I have no regret."

She continued, "I thought that I had to give up to be a singer. I thought it's better to give the chance to those who are talented in singing. Fortunately, I am now focusing on my acting career and I just want to focus on this."

Kim Jiwon once has been the back vocalist of famous soloist Younha, who was under same agency as her. Curious much about Kim Jiwon's singing skills? You can watch the video above to find out more. 

Source: [Youtube] nova89426