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8 Male Idols Who Almost Debuted with a Different Group

  • 25 Jun, 2018

Our favorite K-pop boy groups could have looked very different.

Idols don't always continue training at the same company. In fact, most jump from different companies before they land in one they want to debut with. This has often led to idols potentially being in different groups than the ones they debut with. Check out the list below to see 8 examples of male idols who could've debuted with a different group, but we're glad they didn't!

Samuel Kim

Image Source: DAZED 

Solo artist Samuel was actually supposed to be in a group you might have heard of, SEVENTEEN. Many people know about Samuel's trainee days with the group since he was so young at the time. The rumor is that he left because his mom believed him to be too young to debut. 


Image Source: DAZED 

Mino originally trained with the Block B members and was supposed to debut with the group, but left due to personal reasons. Following this, he joined a failed group called BoM. Once the group disbanded, he auditioned at YG and met his destiny, WINNER. He still remains close with the Block B members today.

SEVENTEEN's S.Coups and Woozi

Image Source: S.CLAIR 

S.Coups and Woozi both trained with NU'EST members back in the day; however, the male trainees at Pledis Entertainment were originally meant to be split up into NU'EST and a group called TEMPEST. S.Coups and Woozi were both in TEMPEST, but TEMPEST kept seeing lineup changes and was eventually canceled. 

PENTAGON's Hui and MONSTA X's Shownu



Image Source: Last Scene 

Shownu and Hui were both JYP trainees who practiced with the current GOT7 members, so both were potential candidates for the boy group. Also, JB said originally, Shownu, Jinyoung, and JB were supposed to debut as a trio!

PENTAGON's Hongseok

Image Source: WANT YOU MY DEAR 

Hongseok was a contestant on iKON's reality show 'Mix & Match' which determined the final lineup for iKON, but he was eliminated. Hongseok decided to leave YG since the company was debuting both iKON and WINNER, and he felt like he didn't have a chance to debut. We're glad he heard about PENTAGON!

Block B's B-Bomb

Image Source: BOMB CUP 


Both B-Bomb and Jaehyo used to train with the group INFINITE, but B-Bomb was actually in the original lineup for the group, and it's rumored he was even supposed to be the leader!

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