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All of GOT7 Members' Ideal Types That will Have You Checking to See If You Made It to the Cut

  •  4 Jun, 2019

GOT7's ideal woman might just be you!

For a lot of K-pop groups, dating is restricted per their contracts. Although this is the case for some, it does not stop the idols from expressing their ideal types. The guys of GOT7 have not been shy when discussing their ideal type of girls. All members have spoken on the topic on numerous occasions. 

Since the dating ban has been lifted for GOT7, fans are more curious than ever to know what type of girl their GOT7 bias likes. Fans everywhere want to know if they fall into the category of GOT7's model woman!

Let's get to know more about GOT7's ideal type of gal.


Image Source: before sunset

The leader of GOT7, Jaebum, is not too picky when it comes to his ideal type. All he wants is a girl that catches his attention and is true to herself. It helps if his girl is adorable. JB has stated that his ideal type is loyal and supportive. He also likes when his girl dresses in casual, streetwear. Girl's Day Minah is someone that embodies JB's ideal type.


Image Source: MARKSTOUCH

For Mark, a girl that makes him want her is good enough! In terms of looks, Mark has expressed to fellow groupmate, Jackson, that he prefers a girl with long hair. He also stated that he does not like chic girls. Mark wants his ideal girl's personality to be caring and calm. Mark also likes a girl that can talk. Someone that favors his ideal type is former SISTAR member Bora.


Image Source: Mellow Voice

Jinyoung has been very honest when discussing his ideal woman to others. Jinyoung stated that above all aspects of a woman, he wants her to accept his identity. In regards to appearance, Jinyoung likes a girl that has long, flowy hair similar to that of a goddess. He also prefers a natural face and strong facial features on a woman. Jinyoung's ideal type has a personality of being talkative, positive, and honest with themselves and him. A Pink's Bomi is similar to Jinyoung's ideal type.


Image Source: ANGELJACKSONW852

Jackson does not have an ideal type when it comes to physical appearance. He has mentioned in the past that he is attracted to women that are tan and healthy, such as SNSD's Sunny and Beyonce. Jackson appears to be more into personality. He stated that the physical appearance of a woman does not matter to him if he and the woman's personalities connect. As far as personalities, Jackson wants a girl that is mature, respectful and charming.

He also wants a girl to say that she's "always wanted to meet a guy like him."



Youngjae's ideal type is simple: if he likes you, he likes you! To be more specific, Youngjae likes a girl that is petite and cute. Hairstyle is not a factor to him; it does not matter what a girl's hair looks like to him. His ideal type's personality is charming as well as chill. He also likes it when girls walk in short steps like a penguin. His ideal type would be similar to Suzy.


Image Source: BAMBIMYBOO

BamBam really likes a good smile on a girl! BamBam expressed that when he tells a joke and does a prank on a girl he likes, he wants her to laugh. He has stated that he likes girls with big, charming eyes. In terms of personality, BamBam likes girls that are very supportive and love to go on adventures. A girl that resembles his ideal type is Girls' Generation's Taeyeon.


Image Source: MyGyeomieBaby

Yugyeom has stated that he wants a girl that is extremely charming in everything she does. He likes it when girls do things unintentionally and unconsciously. He likes a girl with long hair and a thin physique. Also, he likes a girl who keeps a smile on her face. f(x)'s Krystal is a girl that favors his ideal type.

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