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6 Idols That Have Some Crazy Skills in Break Dancing

  •  4 Jul, 2019

Breakdancing is hard, but these idols make it look so easy.

Breakdancing is a style of dance that revolutionized the art form. The dancing involves extremely complex movements that require a lot of body strength. From the floor spins to the flips, breakdance captures the eyes of anyone watching. Do you know what else captures the eyes of people? Yes, the guys of K-pop hitting a breakdance move on the floor! 

That's right, there are a few K-pop idols that have some wicked breakdancing skills. These idols are B-boy champions and can teach everyone a couple of tricks when it comes to breakdancing.

Take a look at 6 B-boys in K-pop that can show out on the dance floor!

DPR's Christian Yu

Former member of C-Clown and currently a member of DPR Christian Yu was a breakdancing master when he was a little younger. Although Christian does not really breakdance anymore, fans still believe he still got the moves! Here is a video of a younger Christian Yu having a solo breakdance session.

Cross Gene's Sangmin

Cross Gene's Sangmin is another K-pop idol that certainly can spin like a top of the floor! In this video, Sangmin gives everyone a lesson or two on how to become a B-boy expert.

Jay Park

Jay Park is a man of many talents, including breakdancing! Jay Park has participated in quite a few breakdance competitions. In this video, Jay Park has a mini b-boy solo and dominates every second of it.


The8, from popular K-pop group SEVENTEEN, is not afraid to get down and flex his B-boy skills. In this video, we see The8 and fellow groupmate Woozi have a little dance battle. Woozi kept it simple yet interesting with his moves, while The8 hit the floor with some of his breakdancing moves.

Super Junior's Donghae

Super Junior's Donghae is the type of guy that is not a showoff even though he has the skills! Donghae's B-boy skills are through the roof, but he is also shy to show people his talents. Luckily for us, there is a clip of Donghae timidly giving the fans some moves on the floor.


GOT7's JB is not only the leader of the group, but he is the 'B-Boy King' of the group as well! Here is a mini compilation of JB killing some breakdance moves like a true professional.

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