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EXO's Chanyeol Shared a Message By Xiumin Immediately After Their Concert... It's the Warmest Thing Ever

  • 21 Jul, 2019

Xiumin still checks on his members despite not being with them.

EXO has ended the first week of their 'EXO Planet #5 - EXplOration' in Seoul from July 19th to 21st. They will be having another week of concert from 26th to 28th July too. With Xiumin and D.O in the military and Lay with his solo schedule, EXO's concert will be having the remaining members to run the show. 

On July 21st after the last day of the first-week concert, Chanyeol shared an Instagram story that could just make EXOLs tear up instantly. It was a message by Xiumin, seemingly sent into their group chat. Xiumin asked, "Did the members end the concert well today? Nobody is hurt? How is Baekhyun's leg??" with Chanyeol captioning an "I love you" in blue. 

Image Source: Instagram 'real__pcy' 

Baekhyun hurt his leg on the first day of the concert and it did not only got fans worried but his hyung from all the way in the military. 

Thumbnail Credit: 슈먼데이, weareone.EXO

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