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5 Times BLACKPINK's Rosé Gives Us an Earcandy with Her Amazing Covers

  •  7 Aug, 2019

Can you say legendary vocals?


Rosé is known for her unique and powerful vocals. Whenever you listen to a BLACKPINK song, there's no trouble in figuring out what lines she is singing. Her distinct vocal color allows for people to pick out her voice in a heartbeat. 

In fact, she is good not only in her own group's songs but also when she covers others'. She always manages to tell a story through her voice when she sings. Take a look at 5 times when Rosé mesmerized us with her covers!

'EYES CLOSED' Halsey Cover


'Can't Help Falling In Love' Elvis Presley Cover

'If It is You' Jung Seung Hwan Cover


'The Christmas Song' Nat King Cole Cover

Source: [Youtube] BLACKPINK, RÉCORD 레코드, Spooky Boo, Shannon Gwiyomi

Thumbnail Credit: Aquarius Rhapsody, Instagram '@roses_are_rosie'