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Sulli Shared the Story of Her Not Doing Her Best While Promoting with f(x)...Here is Why

  • 28 Aug, 2019

Sulli acknowledged the times when she did not work her best while practicing performances for f(x). 

Sulli is currently an MC at the show "The Night of Hate Comments" where four MCs and guests share experiences dealing with online hatred and how they deal with them. On the August 16th episode of the show, when the guest John Park asked Sulli about how much she cares about others' opinions, Sulli replied, "I don't really and I try not to."


Image Source: JTBC 'The Night of Hate Comments' Screenshot

She further told an episode from her experience as a member of f(x), when she did not dance in full effort even though people in higher positions at SM Entertainment came to check on them. She continued, "It was a long day for everyone. Members and I were really tired and we couldn't keep it up. Then, a number of people came in to check upon us. When they did, f(x)'s members all started to dance hard." 

Image Source: JTBC 'The Night of Hate Comments' Screenshot

Sulli added, "I thought it was weird and disgraceful to myself that I had to suddenly dance so hard. So, I just continued to dance the way I was doing it before, thinking 'That's why I do usually.'" 

MCs and John Park nodded and were surprised to see her bold attitude. However, quite a number of netizens commented that Sulli's behavior isn't right. What are your thoughts about this, ladies and gentlemen?

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@jelly_jilli', The Qoo