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13-Year-Old SHINee's Taemin Told This One Lie During His SM Entertainment Audition

  • 30 Aug, 2019

SHINee's Taemin, 13 years old back then, told a lie during his audition for SM Entertainment. 

During his audition for SM Entertainment, Taemin began his self-introduction saying, "I am Taemin Lee from Seoul Shinhak Elementary School. My hobby is dancing. I am 166cm tall. My favorite menus are steak and meat dishes. The reason why I dream to become a singer is that I like dancing and singing. If I were to become a singer, I will do my best until death." 

Taemin further explained what happened at the audition. Taemin's young, cute audition was not completely happy and peaceful. When he arrived at the audition room, he saw tens of other applicants who wore fancy clothes and had great looks. He was discouraged and felt bad about feeling that way. Gangnam district of Seoul seemed too fancy for an elementary schoolboy. 

Image Source: Youtube 'tvN D Classic' Screenshot

In order to not feel sad and weak, he lied. Taemin had never tried a steak before, but he said it was his favorite food. 

Image Source: Youtube 'tvN D Classic' Screenshot

Also, he stepped over the line which the judges told everyone not to because he wanted to show he's the best. Later after he trained for a while, one of the judges told Taemin that all the judges were so pleased to see a boy SM Entertainment was waiting for, bold and talented. 

Image Source: Instiz

What an adorable and naive lie it was for a young Taemin! Anyways, thank god Taemin got the audition and debuted as a wonderful singer. 

Source: [Youtube] tvN D Classic

Thumbnail Credit: Instiz, SM Entertainment, Youtube 'tvN D Classic' Screenshot