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7 Konkuk University Graduates That You Know It's Where the Brain-Smart Visuals Come from

  • 11 Sep, 2019

Proud graduates from Konkuk University! 

Like a lot of universities, Konkuk University has a station dedicated to it called 'Konkuk University Station' where one could easily find it on subway line 2 in Seoul. Konkuk University may not be in one of the top 3 universities in South Korea but it still had its reputation. Every university would have notable alumnus to name and Konkuk University has a list of visually appealing ones to be proud of. 

  1. SHINee's Minho
  2. Image Source: Energy 

  1. Lee Jongsuk

    Image Source: instiz

  3. Lee Minho

    Image Source: Pinterest

  1. Girl's Day's Hyeri 

    Image Source: Pinterest

  3. TVXQ's Changmin

    Image Source: Pinterest

  1. BTS' Jin

    Image Source: 나아갈 진

  1. Song Kang

    Image Source: now n go

Thumbnail Credit: highclass, Namoo actors, Pinterest 

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