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Park Bom and MAMAMOO Had an Unexpected Collaboration Recently But It Just Gets More and More Hilarious as You Watch It

  • 21 Sep, 2019

What a 'collaboration'! 

Park Bom and MAMAMOO are both participating artists on the latest running show 'Queendom' and on a recent episode, both artists showed a hilarious moment off stage. Both Park Bom and MAMAMOO could be seen in their respective waiting room when MAMAMOO started jamming to 2NE1's 'Go Away.' 

Image Source: Twitter 'queenlhwasa' Screenshot 

It could that the wall is really thin or the girls of MAMAMOO are just really loud that Park Bom could hear them from her room. She was seen confused at first asking, "Who is it? Why? What are they doing?" before singing to the chorus as it goes back to MAMAMOO singing the following part, making it seemed like they are actually singing together. 

Image Source: Twitter 'queenlhwasa' Screenshot

The moment is definitely sweet to watch! 

Source: [Twitter] queenlhwasa

Thumbnail Credit: MnetKR, Twitter 'queenlhwasa' Screenshot