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Received Much Love 14 Years Ago, Here are How the Casts of the Drama 'My Girl' is Doing Recently

  • 21 Sep, 2019

14 years have passed by and here's where they are. 

Released back in 2005 is one of the leading dramas ever in the K-drama scene, 'My Girl.' The drama starred various top actors and actresses namely Lee Dongwook, Lee Junki, Lee Dahae along with Park Siyeon. Bringing viewers a good amount of laughter and sweetness from the drama plot, these artists have gained much recognition through this production too. 

Image Source: SBS 

This year, this drama turns 14 and here are how these main leads are doing in the year 2019. 

Image Source: Instagram 'leedahey4eva,' 'leedongwook_official,' 'actor_jg' 'l.h.mom' 

Pretty sure, all of them are seriously aging backward. 

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram 'leedongwook_offiicial,' SBS