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EXO's Chanyeol Shared His Thoughts of Being a Driving Force and a Form of Influence as a KPOP Artist

  • 25 Sep, 2019

Chanyeol spoke at a recent forum that has taken place. 

EXO's Chanyeol attended the recent 'The 20th World Knowledge Forum' that took place in Seoul on September 25th and it was in attendance with SM Entertainment's CEO, Lee Sooman. Chanyeol appeared in a dashing suit and with his silver hair combed up neatly. Lee Sooman joked for him to dance to 'Love Shot' but Chanyeol politely explained that he can't because of his attire. 

Chanyeol then took over the microphone and shared about his thoughts, personally coming from a world star himself on the influence that KPOP brought to people around the world.

Image Source: Fever Sensation


He went, "Whenever I go abroad for overseas tours, I would return feeling the impact that the Korean culture has. I went to Bangkok for a concert and I saw, written in Korean that says 'I am learning Korean because of oppa' on a cardboard. From those small gestures too, I was able to feel that way. I would feel grateful every time I felt that I have become an influential person and would like to thank Teacher Lee Sooman for making it happened. I don't know till what extent will my influential power reach but with the infinite possibility, I will work hard in promoting and letting people know about the Korean culture."  

A world star with a humble heart. 

Source: [Youtube] EXO 

Thumbnail Credit: Glorious Moment, Fever Sensation