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GDragon Gave a Special Lecture on Suicide Prevention During His Mandatory Military Service

  • 11 Oct, 2019

GDragon has two weeks left to return from his mandatory military service!

One netizen uploaded a photo of an SNS capture, saying she heard it from his younger brother in the military. In released photo, her brother showed off that he had seen GDragon in person. He said, "GDragon is giving a lecture." The netizen answered him, "That's awesome. What lecture?"

She heard an unexpected answer. Her brother said, "A lecture on suicide prevention. He will be out in two weeks." 

GDragon, who's famous for everything, even teaches! No one knows why he gave a lecture on suicide prevention but that's a good thing. We just have to wait for his comeback now that we've heard his amazing news. His discharge from the army is coming soon, so all his fans are waiting!

Thumbnail Credit: As tagged, The Qoo

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