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Former SM Artist, Shinhwa's Dongwan Blames 'Large Entertainment Companies' for Artists' Mental Health

  • 15 Oct, 2019

Dongwan shared what he thinks about a celebrity's mental stability. 

Kim Dongwan of Shinhwa expressed concern over depression and medication following the death Sulli. On the afternoon of October 15th, the Shinhwa member took to his Instagram and wrote, "When an athlete suffers ligament injuries, even in the case that they can recover through repairing treatment and physical therapy, many experts still advise surgery. This is due to the fact that recuperation time after an injury is also written as a part of their contracts."

He continued, "As more media and more celebrities are being forced on each other, there are a lot of adults who want to show healthy, bright smiles even when their young friends can't eat properly and can't sleep comfortably."

Dongwan added, "Many juniors are currently fighting a battle within themselves, debating how much sickness can they bear in their hearts and continue to work, all for the sake of the sweetness that money and fame provides."

He concluded, "Numerous scientific studies and research results have already told us exactly how 'fast and easy' or how 'many side effects and aftereffects' there are in psychotropic drugs.  We should no longer sit idly by and recommend drugs because we want to or want to resolve them quickly. We must not fail to notice how readily the lazy actions of large entertainment companies can become the host of a contagious virus that can spread at an instant."

Kim Dongwan himself is a member of Shinhwa and was one managed under SM Entertainment before leaving the agency in 2003. 

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