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EXO Members are Spotting with New Drastic Hair Color Changes at a Recent Overseas Departure, Making Fans Excited About Upcoming Comeback

  • 17 Oct, 2019

New hair colors, a new comeback! 

EXO was seen making a departure to Osaka, Japan for their concert in the city on October 17th. The members left by Gimpo Airport and during their departure, they were seen with new hair colors that gave off a strong smell of a comeback in progress. Previously, Kai was in ash grey before he did a strong change, having a blue hairstyle now. Chanyeol who was platinum is now bright pink and while Baekhyun still has his white hair, Chen and Sehun are in black. Lastly, for their leader, Suho was in a dark red color that its red could only be seen when under the light. 

Image Source: Cloud_RTO, Save Room, For Windy, Fox Baek, Star World, 가을 어느 날 

No specific details of the comeback so far but it's definitely in the making right now. 

Source: [Youtube] Newsen 

Thumbnail Credit: Save Room, donut b

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