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Hit Songs Produced by Bang Sihyuk Before He was in Charge of BTS

  • 23 Oct, 2019

The legendary Bang Sihyuk, music producer and songwriter, has begun his career a long time ago before BTS debuted in 2013.

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Along with BTS' global success, the world is paying attention to their agency, Big Hit Entertainment, that has paved the way for BTS' popularity. The chief of Big Hit Entertainment, Bang Sihyuk, or as his fans call "Hitman Bang," had significant influence over BTS' musical career. However, this was not his first time producing artists. As both a producer and songwriter, Bang Sihyuk has collaborated with a number of legendary artists and songs -- except for BTS and TXT -- that you didn't know. Here are some of them that may surprise you.


Debuted in 2002 at JYP Entertainment, Noel is a legendary ballad group with various title tracks. Since their debut, when Bang Sihyuk used to work with JYP Entertainment, Bang Sihyuk has taken parts in producing their debut album to their 3rd album. One popular example includes 'Although Ill, Although Ill.' 

Baek Jiyoung's 'Like Being Shot by a Bullet'

TEEN TOP's 'No More Perfume on You'

T-ARA's 'Like the Beginning' 

2AM's 'Never Let You Go'

Davichi's 'Let the Time Stop'

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