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Actress Im Soojung Explained Why She Decided to End Her 7-Year Commercial Contract with SKII, It's Based on Her Moral Grounds

  • 25 Oct, 2019

Im Soojung's reason for ending her iconic commercial contract is regaining attention and it's amazing.

Image Source: SKII

In one interview, Im Soojung shared her reasons why she stopped being the representative model for the cosmetic brand, SKII. With her pure, clean image, Im Soojung has been the brand's iconic model for several years since 2008 and successfully built a good image for the brand. 

Image Source: SKII

When she was asked, "Which commercial do you remember the most?" Im Soojung replied, "SKII. I have been the model for the brand for 7 years, so it's impossible for me to forget about it." She continued, "However, as I paid more attention to vegetarian lifestyle and animal, environmental protection issues, my life changed. I began using organic products that caused no harm to any animals during its manufacture. I couldn't continue being the model for the brand if I wanted to keep my morals."

Im Soojung is one of the most well-known vegan celebrities. After she was diagnosed that her body is allergic to animal proteins in food like cheese and milk, she became a vegetarian and constantly shared her animal-friendly routines. 

It's very honest and brave of her to make such a bold decision. 

Thumbnail Credit: SKII, Kingkong by Starship Entertainment

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