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NCT's Taeyong Got a New Hairstyle and Fans Now Call Him a Baby Wolf (Photos)

  • 18 Nov, 2019

NCTzens now call NCT's Taeyong a baby wolf after he cut his hair shorter. 

Recently, during his tour with SuperM, NCT's Taeyong surprised his fans with his new hairstyle. Never had he had such a short hair cut since his debut and fans are surprised. However, it was a pleasing one because he looks just perfectly adorable with the new hairstyle. 

Image Source: Twitter '@DEFLOW71' 

Until November 14th, Taeyong appeared with his usual long hair in grey. However, he suddenly appeared on stage with a unique short cut on November 15th at SuperM Atlanta concert. It's a new look we have never seen from him. The amazing mix of the grey color and the uneven cut makes him look like an adorable wolf cub. 

Image Source: Twitter '@DEFLOW71'

Doesn't he look so cute in the new hairstyle? The short hair highlights his visuals even more!

Here are more photos of Taeyong with his new hairstyle photographed by NCTzens!

Image Source: Twitter '@TY95_71'

Image Source: Twitter '@pygmalion_ty'

Image Source: Twitter '@MIXTAPE_71'

How do you like Taeyong's new hairstyle, people?

Source: [Youtube] devotee 9571

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@MIXTAPE_71, @DEFLOW71'

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