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TWICE's Dahyun Slayed with Her Clear White Skin in a Newly Shared Zoomed-in Selfies

  • 18 Nov, 2019

TWICE's Dahyun showed off her flawless skin and beauty!

On November 17th, Dahyun uploaded a photo and a video selfie on TWICE's official Instagram. Dahyun held the camera really close to her face that anyone can see her features clearly. Fans were surprised to see the video.

Image Source: Instagram '@twicetagram'

There was not a single flaw on her skin! Dahyun has soft, white skin, just like her nickname: tofu. In the video, she smiled prettily, drawing her face close to the camera. It was a short video in which she doesn't say anything, but her visual alone is enough to melt hearts.

Fans showed various reactions to her video, saying, "How can her skin be so clean?"

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@twicetagram', The Qoo

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