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EXO’s Lay Gave a Realistic and Honest Answer to Why He Takes Working out Seriously

  • 19 Nov, 2019

It’s so true though. 

EXO's Lay recently had an interview with 'Idol Idol' and the EXO member was being asked of his beauty secrets. The honest guy he is always known for, Lay responded that the perfect beauty secret would be to hire makeup artist and stylist, giving no credit to his own natural beauty that only he doesn't realize how madly his visuals are screaming. 

Image Souce: Youtube 'youngstar710' Screenshot 

Following that, Lay was also asked of the secret to a nice body and for this, he responded that "I will have to depend on myself for that. By exercising," when he remembered that "Oh and also to hire a trainer." He exposed himself as he went, "If I didn't have a trainer, I wouldn't want to move" before adding that "That's because it costs a lot to hire a trainer for a day."

Image Souce: Youtube 'youngstar710' Screenshot 

That is, very accurate. Watch the moment at the start of the video right above! 

Source: [Youtube] youngstars710

Thumbnail Credit: chere mamie, Mr Dimple_KL

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